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Healthy Nanoers
Weekly Weigh-In and Food Logs from 1.4-1.5.8 
6th-Jan-2008 08:28 am
blue flower

Starting - 221
Current - 219

2 lbs is better then no pounds! I really wasn't expecting to have any sort of loss, if anything, I was expecting at least another 1 lb gain especially since I started my period on Friday but it's a start, right.. The important thing is to keep track of it all. Now, 219 is usually where I plateau and stay anytime I try to lose weight so we'll see if I can get past the 219 for this week. That's the goal, anyway.

Toast - PB/J 5 pts
OJ 2 pts

6" roast beef double stacked 7 pts
Water 0 pts
Apple Sauce 1 pt

2 small burritos w/ cheese 10 pts

Yogurt 2 pts
Smoked sausage 3 pts

Water 4/6|FV 2/5|Dairy 1/2|Oil 2/2| Vitamin x|

Exercise: Cleaning at work - 1 hour


Half a bagel w/ PB 5 pts
OJ 2 pts

BK chicken fries 9.5 pts
French Fries 10 pts
Zesty Sauce 2.5 pts
Diet Coke 0 pts

Goulash 6 pts

Tea 6 pts

Jerky 4 pts

Water 0/6|FV 2/5|Dairy 2/2|Oil 2/2| Vitamin x|

30/30 pts + 16/35 bouns pts = 46/30 pts total.

Ugh.. as you can see, fast food isn't good for you.

Goals for Week of 1.6.8-1.12.8

Lost at least 2 lbs.
Drink more water.
Incorporate more veggies/fruit.
Take my vitamin.
Exercise at least twice in the week.
Journal daily
6th-Jan-2008 03:09 pm (UTC)
{hugs} good deal, especially with all the stress. you can break the 219!
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